Vaccine update: UEA’s big statement – 86% effective against cofid-19 Sinopharm vaccine

Covid-19 vaccine: Chinese company Sinopharm’s experimental Kovid-19 vaccine has proved to be 86 percent effective in disease prevention. The Ministry of Health and Prevention has announced official registration citing the interim analysis of the ongoing trial in the United Arab Emirates. 86 percent of the effectiveness was revealed after the initial results of human trials were revealed. However, health experts have cautioned that the results of the third phase of human testing still need more information.

Chinese company Kovid-19 vaccine 86% effective

The Ministry of Health did not say how many participants were given the dose of the experimental vaccine or how many people received the placebo. Detailed testing data has also not been released yet. Which can help in reaching a conclusion. Phase III human trials of the Chinese vaccine in the Gulf have been underway since July, and in September, emergency use was approved for a specific group.

Detailed data waiting for third phase of human trials

The Ministry of Health said that in the test, this vaccine proved to be 99 percent effective in increasing the surface of anti-virus neutralizing virus and 100 percent in preventing disease. According to the statement, during the test, no serious symptoms were revealed among the participants. Sinopharm has used inactivated corona virus in vaccine preparations.

It cannot produce its own copy in human cells. But Corona produces immune response against the virus. The vaccine is used in two doses against the disease. The United Arab government said this week that it needed Volunteer to participate in human trials of the Russian Kovid-19 vaccine Sputnik-V.

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