Vaccines against Covid-19: the G7 will commit to distributing a billion doses to poor countries, announces the United Kingdom

The United States has pledged to provide half of these vaccines, or 500 million doses of Pfizer-BioNTech.

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The G7 wants “end the pandemic” in 2022. For this, the leaders of the seven countries will commit to the next summit in Great Britain (June 11-June 13) to distribute one billion doses of vaccines against Covid-19 by “partanging and financing them”, announced Thursday, June 10 in the evening the British government, which holds the presidency of the G7 in 2021.

The leaders of great powers, meeting from Friday to Sunday in England, must also “present a plan to expand vaccine production to achieve this goal”. “By vaccinating more people around the world, not only will we help end the coronavirus pandemic, but we will also reduce the risk to people in the UK.” in “reducing the threat posed by vaccine-resistant variants appearing in areas with major epidemic foci”, explains the United Kingdom.

Joe Biden had confirmed earlier today that thehe United States would donate 500 million doses of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine to other countries. London explained that it would give 100 million, in part thanks to Covax, the device allowing the poorest countries to access vaccination. Emmanuel Macron called on pharmaceutical companies to give disadvantaged countries 10% of the doses sold, while the WHO shared his concern about the slowness of vaccination in Africa.

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