Vaccines against covid-19: transport under close surveillance

INVESTIGATION – In early December, Interpol warned of threats to vaccine delivery, emphasizing the risk of physical theft and cyber attacks. Since then, precise logistics have been orchestrated to try to deal with any eventuality.

Stolen cargo, hijacked truck, hacked system… One would think we were dealing with a transport of gold or precious stones. But it is the delivery of vaccines against Covid-19 in question. While France has just started its vaccination campaign, the remedy against the coronavirus is now the object of much envy. So much so that Interpol alerted states in early December, urging them to be vigilant in the face of “organized crime networks»Who could attack«vaccines against Covid-19, both physically and on the Internet“.

Among the risks that concern the International Criminal Police Organization: “falsification, theft or even illegal advertising likely to concern vaccines against COVID-19 and against influenza. We know that maneuvers are underway, agrees Gilles Sacaze, co-founder and president of the private security company Gallice. Also a former executive of the DGSE, he maintains that an operation

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