Vaccines: the shortage trap closes on the executive

DECRYPTION – Unlike other polemics, the executive can however discard on industrialists.

Sapper Camember was digging a hole to plug up another; the government cannot extinguish one controversy without igniting another. After the lack of masks, the doubts about the Tousanticovid application, the delay in testing, the slowness of the vaccination campaign, the hesitation on a third confinement, here came the controversy over the shortage of vaccines. And as always, the executive finds itself on the defensive, attacked by its opponents.

I believe that today the government must tell us the truth: there is a lack of vaccines“, Was annoyed last week the mayor of Lille, Martine Aubry, in the extension of the fears expressed at the beginning of the year by the presidents of the Hauts-de-France and Grand Est regions, Xavier Bertrand and Jean Rottner. Friday, Ségolène Royal took over. “This is what it leads to negotiating in secret. And the European Parliament’s health committee, what is it for? And the French Commissioner for Industry, he did not

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