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Various facts: the fascination of the French

Each year, there are 800 homicides that are counted each year in France. Not all of these criminal cases make the headlines. Only certain miscellaneous facts fascinate the French. Jonathann Daval, a murderous husband, Xavier Dupont de Ligonnès suspected of having committed the worst and still wanted, Michel Fourniret, a killer of children or even the little Grégory, found dead in Vologne: why these cases are more exciting ? What are the elements that throw drama into the spotlight?

A news item is something that occurs when we do not expect it and at the same time, which could happen to us, or to our neighbor“, explains Patrick Avrane, psychoanalyst.”Each time, it brings the population together. A news item lasts all the more when the search for the perpetrator of the crime continues.“Crimes, sometimes adapted to the screen, like the Laëtitia Perrais affair, a young waitress of 18 years murdered in 2011 in Loire-Atlantique.

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