Varun Dhawan kisses wife Natasha Dalal on her cheek, see romantic photos of couple

Varun Dhawan got married on 24 January with his childhood love, Natasha Dalal. After marriage, Varun Dhawan shared two pictures with his and Natasha Dalal on Sunday night and two pictures of his turmeric on Monday. Actor has again shared romantic photos with the wife. Which you will see constantly.

Varun Dhawan shared three photos on Instagram account on Monday. In the first picture, Varun Dhawan is seen kissing his wife Natasha Dalal’s cheek. In the second picture, the two are looking into each other’s eyes. In the third photo, Natasha Dalal is seen wearing Mehndi.

Let us tell you that Varun Dhawan and Natasha Dalal have not left Alibag Resort yet. Before Varun and Natasha go back to Mumbai, there is a plan to spend the time of Monday and Tuesday in Alibaug. His car has been seen in the parking area of ​​the resort. Actor’s main staff also stopped there.

The corona epidemic Varun Dhawan and Natasha Dalal were married as private ceremonies. According to our colleague Times of India, next week i.e. on February 2, Varun Dhawan will give a reception at a five star hotel in Mumbai. The reception is expected to be attended by Bollywood celebrities who have not been able to attend the wedding.


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