“Vaudou”, “rum”: overseas internet users outraged by the “stereotypical” comments of a doctor on vaccination Overseas – Overseas the 1st

Many overseas have denounced, on social networks, the words of Doctor Hervé Boissin, guest of the national news channel LCI on Sunday August 1.

Voodoo and rum as an explanation for the low vaccination coverage in Martinique? In any case, these are the arguments put forward by Dr Hervé Boisson, invited last night by LCI to comment on the worrying health situation on the Caribbean island.

It’s cultural, there are other sources of information, I won’t go back to voodoo, but it still exists in these areas. (…) A lot of problems come from culture. And rum does not cure everything, on the contrary”, Affirms on the plate, the general practitioner, questioned on the low rate of vaccination of the population (approximately 16%).

“Cliché” comments

Stop contempt!”On social networks, the words of Dr Hervé Boissin do not pass. Many overseas internet users have expressed their indignation.

Martiniquaise Audrey Pulvar, Deputy Mayor of Paris, also reacted, denouncing comments “not very serious” and “clichés”.

The Martinican branch of La France Insoumise, points, in a press release, of “inadmissible clichés”. “We refuse that such disparaging remarks are made on any channel whatsoever without any reaction from the journalist present on the set.”, Reacted the Insoumis, asking for“public apologies”From the doctor and the chain.

The overseas territories are hit hard by the fourth wave of coronavirus and their health situation is worrying. 16% of the population is vaccinated in the West Indies, against 60% on average in France. Interviewed by the daily Liberation, the Minister of Overseas Territories, Sébastien Lecornu, this morning called on local elected officials and healthcare staff to take the floor to encourage the vaccination of the overseas population.

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