Vendée Globe: the forward hold of Thomas Rouillard’s boat is “filled with water”

This was indicated by the organization of the race on Wednesday evening. The navigator, currently second in the event, has activated his two pumps to dry out this watertight compartment and will do a full examination of the situation as soon as the water is evacuated.

Thomas Rettant (LinkedOut), second in the Vendée Globe, faces an unforeseen event. The organization of the race announced, Wednesday, December 16, that the front hold of his boat was “filled with water”. “He immediately stopped the boat”, she said.

“Shortly before 10 p.m., the skipper put his two pumps into action in order to drain this watertight compartment, the partitions of which are closed so that the living space of the boat is not affected”, she clarified. When the water is evacuated, Thomas Rettant will lead “a complete examination of the boat to make a definitive diagnosis explaining this sudden invasion”, she added.

After more than six weeks of racing, the skipper Yannick Bestaven (Maître Coq IV) took the lead in the Vendée Globe on Wednesday, as he sails at the gates of the Pacific Ocean which will be a discovery for him.

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