Vendée: the white plan activated at the Departmental Hospital Center of La Roche-sur-Yon

In Vendée since last Friday, the white plan has been activated in the hospitals of the department. The cause, overwhelmed services that are struggling to accommodate ever more patients. A context that adds to fatigue after 2 years of health crisis.

The image is striking, a line of stretchers and patients who have been waiting for several hours. In the emergency room of La Roche-sur-Yon, as in all the public hospitals in the department, it is difficult to find available beds. So the care is done directly in the corridors.

Céline is a nursing assistant, she observes the continuous deterioration of working conditions: “It’s been a rush for several weeks, several months, now we’ve reached a new milestone. We’re trying to do what we can with patients, but it’s not easy”.

An overload and complicated working conditions for caregivers who hold on, but who ask themselves many questions about their vocation. Like these three nursing assistants in nursing homes who have just completed their service.

“We feel disgusted”said one, “it’s more fed up, having learned a job whose values ​​are no longer respected”continues the other, “we talk a lot about benevolence, we try to give the best of ourselves but it’s not always possible”, picks up the third. “Whether in one department or another, it’s the same everywhere”they say with one voice.

Weariness and work stoppages leading to a shortage of staff and the closure of 90 beds at the Yonnais hospital. A lack of resources that are difficult for the teams to live with, tired by the situation after already two years of health crisis.

“They have the impression of not being able to provide quality care in satisfactory conditions of dignity for the patients, they have the impression of being badly treated, afraid of making mistakes, all these conditions make their work n is not the one they signed up for”recognize Valerie Debierre Co-head of the emergency department.

The management of the CHD, for its part, fears a difficult Easter weekend. It calls on the population to give priority, except in serious cases, to calling a general practitioner or 116 117, so as not to saturate the emergency services.

She also announces that she wants to start a recruitment campaign soon. Looking for about 150 doctors and 200 to 250 paramedics, in total in all the hospitals of the department.

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