Venezuela: government and opposition negotiate in Mexico

The two sides signed a memorandum of understanding in the hope of holding elections and lifting the sanctions against the country.

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Talks have started. The Venezuelan government and its opposition began, Friday evening, August 14 in Mexico City, a new negotiation in the hope of organizing presidential elections and lifting the sanctions that have weighed on Venezuela since 2019. including an oil embargo decided by the Trump administration. One “memorandum of understanding”, whose content has not been communicated, was signed by Jorge Rodríguez, on behalf of the government of President Nicolas Maduro, and Gerardo Blayde, for the “Plataforma Unitaria” on behalf of the opposition, AFP noted.

On Friday evening, President Maduro greeted the signing of the memorandum on Twitter. The day before, he had warned that he would not give in to the “blackmail or threats” of the United States, which demanded “sincere discussions” to solve the problems of the former oil power, while Joe Biden proposes to ease the sanctions if the negotiations progress towards new elections. The goal of these talks, which follow the failed talks in Barbados in 2019 and the Dominican Republic in 2018, is to end the acute political and economic crisis plaguing Venezuela.

Discussions will continue on August 30 in Mexico, to discuss a seven-point agenda that does not, however, contemplate the departure from power of Socialist President Nicolas Maduro, whom the opposition accuses of having been fraudulently re-elected in 2018 for six. years.

Opposition leader Juan Guaido, recognized by Washington and self-proclaimed president in 2019 while leading Parliament, has referred to the power of sanctions to put pressure on Mr. Maduro and acknowledged that “some solutions will not be easy “, but warned that failure at the negotiating table would only“deepen the conflict”.

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