Venus Transit 2022: ‘Venus’, the factor of luxuries, is going to change the zodiac tomorrow, people of these zodiac signs

Venus Transit 2022 : Venus is considered an important planet in astrology. Venus is considered to be a factor of attraction, opulence, good luck, wealth, love and splendor etc. At present, Venus is transiting in Capricorn. After completing its journey in Capricorn, now the planet Venus will enter Aquarius.

Venus transit 2022 (Shukra Gochar 2022)
According to the Panchang, the zodiac change of Venus will happen on March 31, 2022 at 8:54 am. Venus will remain in this zodiac till 6.30 pm on the evening of 27 April 2022. After this, the zodiac change of Venus will be in Pisces. How will the transit of Venus be for these zodiac signs, know the Horoscope-

Gemini – The transit of Venus is going to happen in your ninth house. The coming of Venus in this house will give you auspicious results in some cases. This time will be good for love romance. If you have not been able to speak your heart yet, then you can say it during this transit period. There will be sweetness in married life. It will help in understanding each other. Love feelings will also increase among themselves. People whose marriage is getting delayed. Obstacles in marriage can be removed during this transit period. You can also get promotion in job and business. Avoid selfish, liars, they can harm. Do not cheat, otherwise you can become the sum of defamation.

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Virgo (Virgo)- Venus will transit in your sixth house. According to astrology, this house of the horoscope is considered to be the house of debt, disease, enemies and challenges. The transit of Venus will be good in terms of job. New responsibility can be found. That is, the situation of promotion can also be created. Along with this, some challenges may also have to be faced. For which you have to be ready. Enemies can obstruct. This transit will not be auspicious for you financially. Expenses may increase. You can also take loans, loans etc. Life partner’s health can give mental stress.

Capricorn – The transit of Venus can bring some challenges for Capricorns. Venus is going to be transiting in your second house. Which is also considered the value of money. Along with this, the style of family and communication is also revealed by this house. Maintain sweetness in speech. You can get benefits from speech. Trapped or stalled money can be obtained during this transit period. New work can also be started. Relationships will benefit. Relations with foreign countries will also increase. There may be a situation of promotion in the job. Money and income can also increase. Do not argue with your spouse. Be sure to seek advice in important matters.

Disclaimer: The information provided here is based on assumptions and information only. It is important to mention here that does not endorse any kind of belief, information. Before applying any information or assumption, consult the concerned expert.

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