Verdict of the January 2015 bombings trial: “God put in his place”, on the front page of Charlie Hebdo

In a police van, direction the prison: Charlie Hebdo puts God “in his place” in one of its issue of Wednesday, December 16, the day of the verdict of the trial of the January 2015 attacks, which decimated its editorial staff. This one is the work of the designer François Boucq, requested with the writer Yannick Haenel by Charlie Hebdo to cover the audiences started more than three months ago.

Last week, the national anti-terrorism prosecutor called for heavy sentences, from five years imprisonment to life imprisonment, against the 14 defendants suspected of providing logistical support to the perpetrators of the Charlie Hebdo, Montrouge and Hyper Cacher attacks, and for two of them of “complicity”.

These attacks killed 17 people during three days of terror in January 2015, including 12 on the 7th, creating an electric shock worldwide. With the verdict, “the cycle of violence, which had opened (…) in the premises of Charlie Hebdo, will have finally closed”, writes in his editorial Riss, the editorial director of the satirical weekly, targeted by the jihadists for caricatures of Muhammad.

“At least on the criminal level because, humanly, the repercussions will never be erased, as the testimonies of the victims who came to speak at the bar demonstrated”, he adds.

“The great difficulty” was “to demonstrate the responsibility of the accused. We must not dream, in this trial as in many others, absolute proof does not exist”, regrets Riss at the end of a trial which he said was “first that of this political terror that we call Islamism”.

“Although all the defendants do not have the same level of ideological implication, we could detect that some of them were genuine Islamists, despite their efforts to pass themselves off as modest thugs”, he believes. “Ultimately, the verdict of this trial, it was Charlie’s readers who pronounced it: every week by keeping this diary alive and well in their hands, six years after its massacre”, Riss claims.

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