Victim of a road accident, Tiger Woods operated and ‘conscious’

Victim of a road accident in California on Tuesday evening, Tiger Woods suffered “multiple leg injuries”. According to a police source cited by the Los Angeles Times, the Tiger was traveling at a high speed and lost control of its luxury SUV before passing over the central barrier. The car then rolled over several times as it left the road.

“Tiger Woods is currently awake”

A statement was posted on the Tiger’s social networks this Wednesday morning to give news of his state of health: “He is currently awake, conscious and recovering in his hospital room.l “. Tiger Woods’ entourage also confirms that he suffered a”long intervention on the right leg and ankle“.

The medical team who operated on him, specified the extent of his injuries and detailed the surgeries performed after the accident: a “metal rod“was inserted into the golfer’s tibia and”screws will strengthen the bones in her foot and ankle“, says the press release.

Tiger woods “was very lucky to get out alive” of the accident he suffered Tuesday morning, estimated Carlos Gonzalez, the first police officer to arrive at the scene. “The nature of the vehicle” he was driving – a luxury SUV – and “the fact that he had put on his seat belt helped a lot to save his life”, estimated at a press conference this policeman. He noted that the portion of the road where the golfer likely lost control of his car was accident prone, twisty and at the foot of a descent.

The former world number 1 was in full rehabilitation after undergoing back surgery last December. Winner of five green jackets at Augusta during his career, Tiger Woods was uncertain for the next edition of the Masters next April. He had indicated that his return to competition would be done in agreement with his medical staff.

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