Victor Pouchet – presentation

Victor Pouchet, after two novels (Why do birds die, in 2017, and Self-portrait of the deer, in 2020) offers a novel in verse, a novel-poem as there are more and more, from Marie Testu to Clémentine Beauvais. Like a return to the origin but with the words, the rhythm and the subjects of today. With a particular energy, which spins and takes care of a refined speech. You could call them “roemes”. This one tells, with humor, a story of a couple whose harmony lies in their disagreements. Go or stay? Take this strained relationship seriously, at the risk of it breaking down for good, or relax the atmosphere with a light word, a trivial remark, over the page, over the leg? Behind this false detachment, another politeness, that of the verses of a poem “Which is not addressed to anyone in particular” but who cares right after “Are you still receiving my messages?” “. A very original sentimental and epistolary comedy where the poem incandescents the little love that remains. But that is enough, perhaps.

In partnership with the program “Poetry and so on”, by Manou Farine, every Saturday at 5.30 pm on France Culture.

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