Video: After Gurmeet Choudhary, Debina Banerjee shared the first video of her daughter, love wasted on the doll in her lap

Recently on April 3, Debina Bonnerjee became the mother of her first child. On April 3, Debina gave birth to a lovely daughter. Now Debina has shared her first video with her baby girl, in which the mother is lovingly patting her baby girl to sleep. Meanwhile, his pet also comes and sits on his feet.

Debina has shared the first video of her daughter on social media in which she is seen hugging her. There is also a relaxed look on the face of the mother, who is sleeping the little daughter on her shoulder. Meanwhile, something else is also captured in the video. This pet dog of his, seeing the girl in Debina’s lap, runs and sits in her lap and slowly he starts taking rest. With both of them, Debina is also seen sitting and resting with her eyes closed.

Gurmeet Chaudhary also shared a glimpse on social media with fans while pampering his darling. In this picture, papa is seen showering love on his baby girl lying in the cradle and along with his pet dog is also watching everything very carefully.

They also celebrated fiercely together on the occasion of the daughter coming home for the first time. He also posted some pictures of this celebration on social media.

On Wednesday itself, a video of Debina and Gurmeet was shadowed on social media in which Debina was going home after being discharged from the hospital. Both were seen in front of the camera with their daughter.


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