Video: After Salman, the singer was bitten in the face by a snake, this incident which caused goosebumps in front of the camera

The news of Salman Khan biting a snake from Bollywood had not even cooled down that now a video of a singer biting a snake is viral on social media. This singer is from Hollywood, whose name is Maeta, who was bitten by a snake on her face in front of the camera.

This video of the singer is now shadow on social media. However, this video has been shared by the singer herself on her social media, in which she is seen posing for a photoshoot with snakes. A black snake is already visible with them and in the meantime a person brings a white snake in front of them. Suddenly the black snake lying there bites Singer’s face and she shudders away.

Let us tell you that Salman Khan has also been in the news for quite some time regarding snake bites. Actually Salman was at his Panvel farmhouse for his birthday celebration, where he was bitten by a snake on Saturday night. After this he had to be hospitalized immediately and on Sunday he was given free time. However, this snake was not venomous either. Later Salman Khan also narrated how he was bitten by a snake.

In a conversation with NI, Salman said, ‘When a snake came into my farmhouse, I took it out with the help of a stick. But the snake reached my hand. Then I caught him and during that time he bit me 3 times. It was a kind of poisonous snake. I stayed in the hospital for 6 hours and am fine now.


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