VIDEO. Anne Hidalgo “shocked” by Emmanuel Macron’s words about his “desire to piss off the unvaccinated”



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The PS mayor of Paris and presidential candidate is the guest of the show “#VIPol” on franceinfo Thursday evening.

The evening of the publication of Emmanuel Macron’s remarks, she replied with an ironic tweet: “Reunite France.” Guest of the show “#VIPol“on franceinfo on Thursday January 6, Anne Hidalgo clarifies her thoughts: “I am very shocked by this type of comment, a President of the Republic should always take a little height.” In an interview with Parisianon Tuesday the head of state said he had “very want” “to piss off the unvaccinated” against Covid-19. A little sentence that made a lot of reaction in the political class.

“He damaged a lot, and not just on his words, on a regular basis, the presidential function, continues the mayor (PS) of Paris, presidential candidate. I do not believe that this type of comment adds anything to the debate. The form bothers me a lot and then the substance, because I think that we have to bring together, bring together the French and the French, continue the pedagogy, not to stigmatize this or that category of the population. “

The mayor of Paris, however, spoke out for an obligation to vaccinate. To the question of whether “Isn’t that a real pain in the ass?”, the mayor of the capital replies: “No, it’s clarity, we have to stop making political life this space of buzz, bad theater, bad comedy that the French get tired of. Who pays the price for this weariness? the democracy”, considers the candidate, who underlines in passing that “what really annoys everyone today is that the hospital does not have the means”.

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