VIDEO. “As a product, I was nothing at all”: Sharon Stone tells how Hollywood turned its back on her after her stroke

In the first chapter of his memoirs, which are titled The beauty of living twice (ed. Robert Laffont), American actress and producer Sharon Stone talks about her stroke and brings to light the violence of this world of cinema, in Hollywood, which felt that it was no longer the same after her stroke .

“Has he turned his back on you?” Laurent Delahousse asks him during an exclusive interview in France, carried out in duplex from Los Angeles, for the magazine “8:30 pm Sunday” (replay). “I was not the same, it’s true, she replies. If we think in terms of product, when we have a good product, that’s good. When the product is no longer good, we drop it. “

“I was not shown much friendship and compassion”

“As an actress, I am a product, she confides. I’m my own product, of course, but yes, I haven’t been shown much friendship and compassion as a person. And, as a product, I was nothing at all. ”

“So I started to look at the people around me differently, Sharon Stone continues. There are quite a few people who think that when you work in a branch, the people who are in that branch are your family, but that is not true at all. They are professional associates. And I am only a product for them. “

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