VIDEO. Bonus for employees of the “second line”: “There will be an effect of disappointment”, fears the boss of Medef

Geoffroy Roux de Bézieux, president of Medef, assures Monday March 15 on franceinfo that“there will be an effect of disappointment” among employees while the government is considering a premium for workers on the “second line”, in particular cashiers, garbage collectors or truck drivers.

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“I am just afraid that the government to, in quotes, get rid of this subject will give back the control to the companies. There will be an effect of disappointment”, he assures. The government is organizing a social dialogue conference on Monday. Jean Castex will discuss this bonus from 3:30 p.m. with the unions and employers by videoconference.

A gesture for the workers of the “second line”, who were on the bridge during the two confinements. More than 4.5 million French people could benefit from it. But Geoffroy Roux de Bézieux said to himself “unfavorable to a system of targeted bonuses because in the same company, if you can give a bonus to one category and not to the others, that creates enormous problems.”

According to him, the government will announce “the renewal of the so-called ‘Macron prime’ bonus that I call the boss’s bonus”, that is to say “tax-free bonuses of up to 1,000 euros for all employees” paid by companies. According to him, the government plans “a second stage system up to 2,000 euros for identified employees, described as second line”, adds the president of Medef.

The boss of Medef seems pessimistic about the ability for some companies to pay these bonuses: “This is the year when the subject is how we are going to be able to maintain salary increases or bonuses when most companies, there are exceptions, will be in a difficult financial situation.”

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