VIDEO. Covid-19: when the good weather makes you forget the barrier gestures

In Lyon (Rhône), Saturday February 20, the sun is shining and the temperatures are springtime. On the quays of the Saône, barrier gestures have been somewhat forgotten by some locals who take advantage of the good weather. “The weather is nice, we release the pressure a little, people are happy, there is music”, Smiles a young man. “We remain human beings, and sometimes we are a little weak, especially when the weather is nice like today”, Testifies a young woman, who kept her mask.

To limit the crowds around a drink, the prefect took an original decree: prohibition of alcohol consumption in a district of old Lyon. Bars can sell them, as long as the cups are closed in order to take them away. “It is true that if we allow consumption on site, it can effectively create large crowds of people who will replace the seated terrace with the standing terrace, so I fully understand the measure.”, Explains Didier Dantzikian, bar manager. In Paris too, the police had to increase the number of calls to order, and 4,000 police officers were mobilized this weekend to carry out controls.

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