VIDEO. Environment: “On certain subjects”, Elisabeth Borne “was courageous”, judge Cécile Duflot, former minister



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The director general of Oxfam France, however, estimated on Tuesday on franceinfo that the Prime Minister “was disavowed” on certain decisions when she was Minister for Ecological Transition.

Elisabeth Borne “was brave on certain subjects” linked to the environment when she was minister in charge of this theme, estimated Tuesday May 17 on franceinfo Cécile Duflot, director general of Oxfam France, former minister and former secretary general of Europe Ecology – The Greens. Elisabeth Borne, now Prime Minister, will now be responsible for ecological planning.

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When she was Minister for the Ecological and Inclusive Transition, Elisabeth Borne “said that she was personally in favor of a referendum on the conclusions of the citizens’ convention and she was courageous on palm oil issues”notably quoted Cécile Duflot.

But, according to the director general of Oxfam France, Elisabeth Borne “has been disavowed” on certain decisions and she “is part of a continuity of Emmanuel Macron’s balance sheet”who is “very slim”especially since the French State “was condemned twice for climate inaction”. She therefore hopes that the new Prime Minister will exceed “her profile of a technocrat, senior civil servant, who is loyal and there to serve a political project” and said to have “can’t wait to discover the true and deep convictions of Mrs. Borne”.

“Now she has a political function”who “is to make arbitrations and in particular to change the fact that the Minister of Ecology is always against arbitrated compared to all of his colleagues by Matignon”continues Cécile Duflot.“Will she have the latitude of action vis-à-vis the President of the Republic, who for the moment has never demonstrated that he wants to implement his commitments in this area?”asks Cécile Duflot, who also stresses that the appointment of a woman to Matignon is “a very good thing because not everyone under 35 remembers a female prime minister“.

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