VIDEO. “France”, “man”, “war”, “race”: the words of Eric Zemmour deciphered by a semiologist

Eric Zemmour has not yet unveiled his program, but in his books an ideology emerges. The reporters of “Complement survey” read his seven best sales, over the last fifteen years. There is a lot of history there, but what are his favorite words to tell it?

“Further investigation” called on a specialist in the analysis of political speeches: Cécile Alduy, researcher at Stanford (California) and at the Center for Political Research of Sciences Po (Cevipof). Using software, she sifted through the 2,395 pages of these seven books. Its results are embodied in a word cloud.

The words that come up most often …

The three most used by Eric Zemmour are as follows: unsurprisingly, we find “France” in first place, with 2,768 occurrences. In second place, the word “man”, used 1,363 times. In third place, the word “war”. But for the researcher, it is a word repeated 130 times which marks the uniqueness of Eric Zemmour: the word “race”.

“The only person who has used the word ‘race’ as much, and even a little less than Zemmour, is Jean-Marie Le Pen.

Cécile Alduy, semiologist

to “Further investigation”

“At the time, the reception of this racial discourse was extremely negative. But today, no one notices that Eric Zemmour gives a purely racial vision of French society, the researcher is surprised. What questions us, therefore, is that a discourse so fundamentally not only xenophobic, but based on a racial vision of society, has such an echo today. “

… and those who shine by their absence

In the words of Eric Zemmour, there is what is repeated, rehashed … but also, in the hollow, what is barely mentioned, if at all. “It’s all that has to do with the life of the French. Purchasing power: no mention in fifteen years; pensions; unemployment, he talks about it in some books, but no mention in the last; indebtedness , budget, finances, salaries, even taxes, except when it is in the context of immigration, details Cécile Alduy. Perhaps more expectedly, Eric Zemmour pays no attention to climate issues. “

“So there is a kind of impermeability to anything that does not come within the scope of thought, concludes the semiologist. Which nevertheless raises the question of the credibility of someone who would like to govern, that is to say to tackle the problems which exist objectively, and not those which one chooses simply by ideology. “

Extract from “Zemmour: Veni, Vidi, Vichy”, a document of “Complément d’inquête” to be seen on November 4, 2021.

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