Video: Mother-in-law and sister-in-law said best, cute everything for Alia, then heard Ranbir-Alia’s wedding date

Ranbir Kapoor Alia Bhatt ki Shadi: Till now, there was confusion among the fans regarding the marriage of Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt, on which date both of them are finally getting married. The only question in the minds of people was that when Ranbir and Alia are getting married? (Ranbir Kapoor aur Alia Bhatt ki Shaadi) Now Ranbir Kapoor’s mother Neetu Kapoor has kept everything open in front of the camera. Neetu Kapoor praised her daughter-in-law Alia Bhatt before revealing the wedding date. Neetu Kapoor told that Ranbir and Alia are going to get married tomorrow i.e. on Thursday.

After the mehendi function, Neetu Kapoor along with daughter Riddhima came in front of the paparazzi. First, many pictures of both were captured in his camera and then he also asked questions about marriage and daughter-in-law Alia.

Ranbir’s mother Neetu Kapoor said, ‘What should I say about him, he is the best.’ After this Riddhima said – Very cute man. After this, the paparazzi ask them when is the wedding, on which Riddhima and Neetu spoke together – tomorrow is. If the paparazzi could not believe it, Riddhima said the whole line on this – tomorrow is the wedding.

Today on April 13, the whole family gathered in the ‘Vastu’ building on Alia’s Mehndi. Along with Ranbir’s family, Alia’s family also reached here. Now the family has started preparing for the wedding tomorrow. It is reported that Ranbir’s procession will leave from Krishnaraj’s bungalow and reach Vastu, where the entire wedding rituals will be performed. Before this, every corner is seen as punishment on the streets like Diwali.


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