VIDEO. Nemo, Emmanuel and Brigitte Macron’s dog, staged to promote a law against animal abandonment

“Hello! I’m Nemo. My story begins with a surrender.” In a video posted on social networks Tuesday, December 22, the presidency features Nemo, the dog adopted by Emmanuel and Brigitte Macron upon their arrival at the Elysee Palace. It is accompanied by subtitles, which aim to raise awareness of the issue of animal abandonment, and highlight the majority’s project on the subject.

This crossbreed dog of Labrador and Retriever-Griffon, who sometimes appears alongside Emmanuel Macron when he receives leaders at the Elysee Palace, had been adopted in 2017 in a SPA refuge in Yvelines.

“As I have been, 100,000 animals are abandoned every year”, continues the text. “So at Christmas, adopt them. But adopt with conscience”.

The video, posted on Emmanuel Macron’s accounts on Instagram, Snapchat, Tiktok and Facebook, continues with a presentation of a “action plan” to promote adoption, to which the stimulus plan will devote 20 million euros.

A bill to combat animal abuse will be discussed in January by Parliament. Un awareness certificate should be created, and submitted for any acquisition of a future animal, and “mistreatment will be more strongly sanctioned”, indicates the video of the presidency.

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