VIDEO. Presidential 2022: for Anne Hidalgo, “Yannick Jadot takes a very heavy responsibility” by refusing to hold a primary on the left


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The PS mayor of Paris and presidential candidate was the guest of the show “#VIPol” on franceinfo Thursday evening.

“I hear what Yannick Jadot is saying, he takes a very heavy responsibility.” Guest on the set of the show “#VIPol” on franceinfo Thursday January 6, Anne Hidalgo again defended her idea of ​​a primary on the left. And castigated the end of not receiving that the EELV presidential candidate sent him. Our fellow citizens know very well that if we are not united, it will be difficult to gain access to the government “, argued the mayor (PS) of Paris, also a candidate for the Elysee.

His call for a primary, via the citizens’ movement of the Popular Primary, which has been pleading for a year for a single candidacy on the left, has for the moment leaned against its main left-wing competitors, who have refused to participate.

“We never rule alone, she hammered. From there, I took my responsibilities by offering this primary. A primary only makes sense if the left-wing candidates who want to govern together come together and accept it. Roughly speaking, the ball is in Yannick Jadot’s court “, launched Anne Hidalgo.

And to continue: “I saw what his comments were, it is better to always respect his partners. Me, my project is to bring together the French. (…) My application is there, I am also one of the few to have the 500 referrals. “


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