VIDEO. Presidential: “Emmanuel Macron’s policy has reinforced racist ideas”, according to LO candidate Nathalie Arthaud



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Nathalie Arthaud refutes the idea that the candidate of the National Rally Marine Le Pen embodies “the workers’ camp”.

“Who can believe that Emmanuel Macron will be able to block Marine Le Pen?”asks Saturday, April 2 on franceinfo Nathalie Arthaud, candidate of the Lutte Ouvrière party who had voted white in the second round of the 2017 presidential election. “It was his campaign argument 5 years ago. Today, we find ourselves with two very strong far-right candidates.”

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According to her, “the law against separatism”, “policy against migrants” and “Emmanuel Macron’s entire policy has reinforced nationalist and racist ideas” and “brings grist to the far right”. “You will have noticed that for 20 years that we have been blocking the far right at the polls, it is only going up.”

“I don’t think we can block Marine Le Pen at the polls.”

Nathalie Arthaud, candidate for the Lutte Ouvrière party

at franceinfo

Nathalie Arthaud thinks “that the influence of Marine Le Pen in the world of work is fought by fighting together”. Although chosen by around 40% of workers in 2017, she believes that the candidate of the National Rally “surely does not embody the workers’ camp”. “She is looking for their voices, that’s obvious, but in reality now most of the working world is abstaining. There has been a disgust from president to president for always struggling to earn a living.”

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