VIDEO. PS activist in 2017, and today? “I still have this same rage for social justice”

“My first reaction when watching this video is a great pride: I was able to express my opinions, my convictions, when I was a young citizen”reacts Boris Corlobé looking at the images of an interview he had given to The cross in 2016, a few months before the 2017 presidential election. He was 23 at the time and was very involved in the Young Socialist Movement.

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Today, Boris Corlobé has distanced himself from activism: he is no longer a member of the Movement of Young Socialists, nor of the Socialist Party. “My departure is in no way linked to a change in values”he says. “I had given myself body and soul to the movement for almost five years. I had reached such a state of fatigue that I needed to retire. »

Now 27, Boris Corlobé has decided to put all his energy into his work, fundraising for associations such as Action against Hunger or Les Restos du Coeur. A job he sees as an extension of his activism. Even if he does not refrain from taking back, one day, his card at the PS…


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