VIDEO: Rakhi Sawant, victim of wardrobe malfunction in Holi party, burst anger – Where should I go?

Rakhi Sawant was happily getting ready to perform on the Holi party. Rakhi prepared vigorously for her banging dance performance, but what she knew was that she would fall victim to Rakhi Sawant wardrobe malfunction at Holi event before performing.

Actually, this incident is from Colors Channel’s Holi event ‘Rang Barse 2021’, in which Rakhi was to perform. Even before going to perform, his blouse broke and his chord went out. Rakhi was shocked after seeing this and she got very angry on the organizers of the event.

A fan page of Rakhi Sawant has shared the video of the event on Instagram, in which Rakhi Sawant is saying, ‘Not even a single blow yet. Look, my blouse broke. Look how lanyard is made. Will work with a safety pin now. How do I dance, on the safety pin? What do i do now? I am an artist, you should understand right? When we go on stage, we should give you a tight lanyard, don’t we? ‘

Rakhi further said, ‘Then people tell us that they do less contravention. Will we wear our own blouse? Tell. How is it with the artists. There is not even a single blow that the chord of the blouse broke. Where should I go? Look at my whole unit sitting there waiting. ‘

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At the same time, Rakhi Sawant also said that all artists should get good designers. The incident that happened to him was due to the designer, who did not put the blouse chord properly.

Let me tell you that Rakhi Sawant was recently seen in ‘Bigg Boss 14’ and entertained everyone a lot. She was the only challenger this season to reach the finale. However, in the finale, Rakhi Sawant quizzed the middle with Rs 14 lakh. After the show was over, Rakhi Sawant started treating her cancer-stricken mother. Now his mother’s health is improving and on the other hand Rakhi Sawant is also getting work. Now she is going to Goa, where she will enjoy a lot and will also celebrate Holi.


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