VIDEO. Reshuffle: relive the transfer of power between Jean Castex and Elisabeth Borne


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“We must act faster and stronger” in the face of the “climate and ecological challenge”, underlined the new Prime Minister during her speech.

A warm transmission. Jean Castex officially ceded his place as Prime Minister to Elisabeth Borne, Monday, May 16, during a handover to Matignon.

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The new Prime Minister dedicated her appointment “to all the little girls”whom she invited to “go to the end of [leurs] dreams”. The new head of government “very moved”also explained to have “a thought for the first woman who held these positions, Edith Cresson” between May 1991 and April 1992, and held that “nothing should slow down the fight for the place of women in our society”.

On the roadmap side, “we must act faster and stronger” facing “climate and ecological challenge”underlined the new Prime Minister. “We will be able to do this by involving even more the living forces of our territories, because it is very close to the French that we will find the right answers”she added.

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For his part, the now former Prime Minister Jean Castex has announced that he wants “continue to serve our country” but will “a step aside when leaving national political life”. During his speech, he paid tribute to the “agents and civil servants of the State and the public service” and more particularly to staff “public health” with which he associated private health workers who faced the Covid-19 pandemic. They “faced with absolutely exceptional courage and selflessness all the waves of the pandemic”he noted.

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