Video: Shahrukh did a stunt for the fans on Eid, the fans kept screaming after seeing the favorite star

On the occasion of Eid, the fans who have been waiting for the sight of their favorite star for hours have finally got a glimpse of Shah Rukh Khan. Like every time, once again Shahrukh was seen in his special style standing on the same terrace of his house where his fans see him every year. Shahrukh Khan not only came on the terrace and greeted the fans, but he also came up with an idea so that the fans could see him well.

This video of Shahrukh Khan is shadowed on social media, in which thousands of people are seen outside his house Mannat. Fans stood for Shahrukh’s look for a long time and finally their wish has now been fulfilled.

In this video, Shahrukh Khan is first seen waving to the fans and then later he jumps on the side wall and stands up. During this, screams are coming out of the mouth of the fans, their happiness is clearly visible from their voice. During this, the staff standing near him also gave him a phone in his hand so that he could take photos with his fans. After this Shahrukh Khan took his selfie with the fans present there.

Shahrukh Khan has shared glimpses of his selfie. Sharing these selfies, Shahrukh Khan wrote, ‘How nice to meet you all on Eid, may Allah bless you with love and may your best be the worst in the future. Happy Eid!’


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