Video: Shakti Kapoor showed the real scene after Holi, people are rolling standing and rolling

The Holi party of film stars looks very elegant in front of the camera, which looks quite different from the Holi of the common people. If the fans of Bollywood stars are happy to see the Holi party of their favorite stars and its videos, then they also enjoy the Holi of the common public a lot. Bollywood actor Shakti Kapoor has shared some funny videos of such people, seeing that you may not be able to control your laughter.

Shakti Kapoor has shared many funny videos together, in which the general public is seen having fun on Holi. In these videos, people who are intoxicated with cannabis are seen doing strange things on Holi. In a video, a man who is playing a drum is drunk and see what happens to him.

Apart from this, he has shown a funny video of some people, in which you can hardly stop laughing after seeing the atmosphere after Holi.

In a video, a man is sitting on a bike in an intoxicated state, starts the bike and runs it as soon as it hits the wall.

Apart from this, he has shared another video of himself while writing ‘Happy Holi’.


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