VIDEO. Support from Marion Maréchal to Eric Zemmour: “So young and already unfaithful: it’s sad”, tackle Geoffroy Didier



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Marion Maréchal is expected this Sunday at Eric Zemmour’s meeting in Toulon.

“So young and already unfaithful. It’s sad”, reacted on Sunday March 6 on franceinfo Geoffroy Didier, director of communication for Valérie Pécresse, MEP LR, in support of Marion Maréchal to Eric Zemmour. Marine Le Pen’s niece is expected during the day at Eric Zemmour’s meeting in Toulon.

“Let him keep it, we don’t want it!”

Geoffroy Didier

at franceinfo

“When I see the betrayals of one of the extreme right, continues Geoffroy Didier, that is to say Marine Le Pen, towards the other camp of the far right, Eric Zemmour, I tell myself that politics is a bit of a shame that it is not above all convictions, constancy and fidelity.”

In recent weeks, several elected officials, including a leading member of the RN, MEP Nicolas Bay, and the party’s only senator, Stéphane Ravier, both ideologically close to Marion Maréchal, have joined Eric Zemmour’s campaign.


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