VIDEO. United States: opioid addiction ravages the country

“We got used to this for five or six years. When I started here, it wasn’t that bad.”, remembers Andrew Hoffman, a paramedic in West Virginia. Once legal, opioid drugs were prescribed en masse by doctors in the United States. Once they weren’t so easily accessible, users ended up turning to other dangerous drugs like heroin.

It shattered entire families, some parents having overdosed without succeeding. to get by. In some areas of the US state, nearly 70% of children have been separated from dependent parents and find themselves educated by their grandparents.

The scourge has had an impact on all levels of society. Unemployment has long been very low. Now, companies are trying to give a second chance to those who want to find a normal life, far from their addictions. In addition, children learn, during workshops, to administer a nasal spray to people who overdose.

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