VIDEO. United States: portrait of Antony Blinken, the French-speaking face of American diplomacy

With Joe Biden, a new era of American diplomacy begins. Should we expect a real break with the Donald Trump years? “Ah yes, it will be a break and first of all in the style. It’s a return to the Obama years, to the letters of nobility of diplomacy “, announces Agnès Vahramian, journalist France Télévisions live from Washington in the United States. Roundness and politeness are therefore on the program, both of which do not exclude firmness, “because it will be America first. And that doesn’t change from the Trump era “.

Joe Biden has decided to appoint as Minister of Foreign Affairs Antony Blinken, a perfect French speaker. Friend of the president and confirmed diplomat, Antony Blinken lived in France and is a rock singer. The 58-year-old is Joe Biden’s alter ego. These two have worked together for twenty years. Advisor to Bill Clinton, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs under Barack Obama, he cut his teeth as a diplomat. If he grew up in France, he will not favor the Hexagon so far.

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