Video: Vivek Oberoi had ordered the omelette, the waiter who brought it will see it with laughter

Bollywood actor Vivek Oberoi is getting more and more funny these days. When his challan was cut off due to violation of traffic rules, he shared a funny video on it. Now once again, Vivek has shared one such funny video. In the video, Vivek Oberoi is seated at the dining table waiting for the omelette he has ordered. But the dish that the waiter brings for them will make you laugh. By the way, his video also has a social message.

‘Brother! Omelet said … ‘

In the video shared by Vivek Oberoi, he is sitting at the dining table. The waiter gave a hand at the door. Vivek Oberoi speaks in short. The waiter brings a dish in a large tray in his hands. There is a cloth on top of the dish. When the cloth is removed, the helmet is inside it. Vivek Oberoi says, “Brother, Omelette had spoken … Omelette.”

Funny caption written with video
At the end of this video there is a message with ‘always wearing a helmet’ – burst the eggs, not the head. While posting this video, Vivek wrote in the caption, ‘If you want to save the omelette, make sure that you are wearing a helmet while riding.’

On 14 February, this video was invoiced due to this

Let us know that on February 14, Vivek Oberoi shared a video on Instagram. In this, he is enjoying a ride on a new-age bike with his wife. In the video, he or his wife have not worn a helmet while riding a bike. After this video surfaced, the Mumbai Traffic Control Department cut a challan of Rs 500 from Vivek Oberoi.

This video was shared on the acknowledgment cut

Vivek Oberoi again shared a video of himself in a Pawri style when the challan came. He said in it, “This is us … This is our bike … and this is our cut off.”

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