VIDEO. “We broke our 24 hour vaccination record yesterday”, announces Olivier Véran


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The Minister of Health, Olivier Véran, assured that very few doses were thrown away.

Olivier Véran announces, Friday, April 30 morning on franceinfo, that a new record of vaccinations against Covid-19 has taken place: “Yesterday, we broke the record, we made nearly 550,000 injections in 24 hours. This is our daily record. Today, we are still going to have a very large number of vaccinations”.

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The Minister of Health is also defending himself on potential doses of vaccines discarded: “If your question is whether centers are forced to throw out vaccines at the end of the day because there is no one there, the answer is no, the centers know very well how to operate.”

“Very few doses of vaccine have ended up in the trash. Today, if I take the example of Pfizer, we are at 93% of dose utilization, for AstraZeneca, we are at more than 75% of ‘dose utilization, and Moderna, we are between 75 and 80%. But we will continue to maximize the use of these vaccines “, explains Olivier Véran.

Regarding vaccination slots “who do not find takers”, the Minister explains: “You have between 10 and 15,000 appointments which are given on the same day. At 50 days, there are 200,000 slots which are open, moreover many are filling up, yesterday we increased the number of appointments made. you 84% on Doctolib compared to what we knew. “

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