VIDEOS. Presidential: the six sequences to remember from the passage of Eric Zemmour in “Elysée 2022”

It was his first political program since he officially stood for the 2022 presidential election. The far-right candidate Eric Zemmour was, Thursday, December 9, the guest of the political program of France 2 “Elysée” 2022 “.

In two and a half hours, the candidate for the head of the Reconquest party, of which he claims 40,000 members, presented his liberal economic program, but above all repeated his wish “that France remains France”. He discussed with Bruno Le Maire, Minister of the Economy, and Samia Ghali, elected from Marseille. Here is what to remember from this evening.

He “assumes conflicts”

Asked about his ability to bring the French together, Eric Zemmour assumed the cleavages he triggers. “It is wrong to believe that the presidential candidates are unifying”, he decided. “Democracy, what is it? It is not unanimity. Democracy is to agree on its differences, on its oppositions, on its conflicts. I am not going to pretend to bring together people with whom I don’t agree. That, yes, I take responsibility for my differences. I take responsibility for conflicts. “


The “realpolitik” with Saudi Arabia

Internationally, Eric Zemmour was asked about Emmanuel Macron’s visit to Saudi Arabia at the beginning of December. Laurent Guimier reminded him of a word he had spoken in 2015, where he described Saudi Arabia as “Daesh who succeeded”. But in the candidate’s costume, the former journalist got a whole different answer, defining the Saudi kingdom as a customer before an ally.

“I do not judge the regimes. Me, I am a follower of ‘realpolitik’, did he declare. People do whatever they want at home. And France must have relations with everyone. And in particular with the Gulf countries. So there is no reason not to visit the king. ”


His tense exchange with Bruno Le Maire

The debate with Bruno Le Maire, Minister of the Economy, was electric. It was the first time that the far-right candidate had debated with a member of the government. The two men grapple with the decline of France, nuclear power, immigration and identity issues.

But the exchange was also tense concerning the role and the power of the President of the Republic, in particular vis-a-vis constitutional safeguards. “VYou no longer decide anything without asking yourself whether the Constitutional Council will say yes or no, accused Zemmour. In my conception of democracy, it is the people who decide and not the Constitutional Council. ”

Bruno le Maire’s response was clear. “In my conception of democracy, Mr. Zemmour, the President of the Republic does not have all the full powers. He is subject to a legal order which prevents him from doing anything.” And to conclude:General de Gaulle himself said that he was not old enough to become a dictator, I think that at 63, you have all the predispositions to become one. “


Exemption from notary fees to fight against the precariousness of young people

During a series of questions asked by young French people, Eric Zemmour was asked about his measures to fight against the precariousness of young people. “Many young people find it difficult to make ends meet, many young people find it difficult to find housing, many young people end up on food aid. If you are elected president, what do you plan to do to help young people? more precarious? “ 20-year-old Andy asks.

The response from the far-right candidate was surprising. He said he wanted to exempt first-time buyers of real estate from the notary fees which normally apply, for a property of up to 250,000 euros. What make some members of the majority jump.

For him, #MeToo is “a movement to eradicate men”

Once again, Eric Zemmour denigrated the movement for the liberation of the voice of women about sexist and sexual assault. Regarding the accusations of sexual assault against him, the presidential candidate felt that he had “not to answer” of these allegations. “It’s about private life, I’m not talking about my private life. These women accuse me, without any proof, it’s word against word”, he criticized, lambasting in #MeToo “a movement to eradicate men”.

“All” media affairs “ended with releases and dismissals”, according to him. However, several men targeted by accusations of harassment, sexual assault or rape have been sentenced since the fall of 2017 and the start of this #MeToo wave, like Georges Tron, in France, or Harvey Weinstein, in the United States.


Samia Ghali’s fear of a “civil war” because of him

Mystery guest of this Elysée 2022 show, Samia Ghali attacked Eric Zemmour head-on during his visit. The elected representative of the northern districts of Marseille notably reproached her for her attitude towards a part of the French, in particular Muslims, pointing out in passing her ignorance of the Mediterranean city.

If the polemicist accesses the Elysee Palace, said the socialist responsible, “we will have a civil war” because he “puts France in danger” by his words. “Me, what worries me”, replied Eric Zemmour, “is that we cut the throat and beheaded a teacher in the street, that we kill a priest while shouting ‘Allah Akbar’.” The former journalist, who had moved to Marseille at the end of November, also considered that the difficult war had “already started” because of the Islamist attacks committed in France.


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