Vikram Betal: You will be stunned to hear this story of Betal Pachisi

Motivational Story in Hindi, Vikram Betal: It was a long time ago that there was a king named Rupsen in Vardhman Nagar. One day a person named Veervar came to his place for a job. When the king asked him what he needed for his expenses, he replied, thousand tola of gold. It was a great surprise to hear all the people sitting in the meeting with the king. The king asked, who is with you? He replied, My wife, son and daughter. Hearing this, the king was even more surprised. The king said that there are four people in the house, then what will you do with so much money.

The king hired him. The heroic would come to his house every day carrying thousand tola of gold from the storekeeper. Half of it would be distributed among the Brahmins, the remaining two portions were given to a guest, recluse and sannyasis, and after making food from the other, first fed to the poor, after that whatever was left, fed it to the women and children and himself ate it.

The task of Veervar was to protect the king. In the evening, carrying a shield and sword, he used to guard Raj’s bed. Whenever the king needed him at night, he was there. At midnight, the king heard someone crying from Marghat. He called Veervar. The king said, go, find out who is crying for so many nights and why is he crying? Veervar immediately left from there. Going into the marghat, he sees that a woman laden with ornaments from head to toe sometimes dances, sometimes jumps and cries after beating her head. But there was not even a tear in his eyes. Veervar asked, who are you woman? Why are you crying. The woman said, I am Raj-Lakshmi. I cry because bad works are done in King Vikram’s house, so there is going to be a camp of poverty. I will leave from there and the king will be sad and die in a month. After listening to the woman, Veervar asked, is there any way to avoid this! The woman said, yes, it is. From here in the east there is a temple of a goddess on a yojana. If you offer your son’s head on that goddess, then calamity can be averted. Then the king would rule fearlessly for a hundred years.

Veervar came home and woke up his wife and told the whole thing. The woman woke her son, her daughter also woke up. When the child listened, he was happy and said, you must cut my head and offer it. One is your command, secondly the work of the master, thirdly this body should be offered to the deity, what can be more than this! hurry U. Veervar said to his wife, now you tell. His wife said, the religion of a woman is to serve her husband. After this everyone reached the temple. Veervar folded his hands and said, O Goddess, I sacrifice my son. May my king be a hundred years old. Saying this he severed the boy’s head from the body with a sword. Seeing this condition of the brother, the sister also severed her head with the sword. When the son and daughter left, the sad mother also did the same and cut her neck. Veervar thought that if no one is left in the house, then what will I do after living. He too cut off his own head.

When the king came to know about this, he came there. He felt very sad that four living beings lost their lives for him. He began to think that it was a shame to have such a rule! Thinking this, he took up the sword and as soon as he was about to cut his head, the goddess appeared and grabbed his hand. Said, Rajan, I am pleased with your courage. Whatever boon you ask, I will give. The king said, Goddess, if you are happy, then bring them all back to life. Devi made everyone alive in a single moment.

After the story, Betal said, King, tell me, who got the most merit?, The king said, the king. Betal asked, why?, the king said, because it is dharma to give the life of a servant to the master. But it is a very good example for a servant to leave the king’s palace and give his life. Hearing this, Betal disappeared and hung on the tree. The king ran back and forth and brought Betal back again, after that Betal started the fourth story…

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