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Vincennes: an EELV adviser refuses the vote of a subsidy to a club of sailing boats to fight against pollution

A mistake on the boats which forced him to take out the oars. Quentin Bernier-Gravat, an EELV municipal councilor from Vincennes (Val-de-Marne), justified its abstention concerning the vote ofa subsidy to the Yacht Club of the city by the polluting nature of its activity, during the municipal council of Wednesday April 14. “We do not subsidize sports which emit pollutants”, he explained, while Charlotte Libert-Albanel, the UDI mayor of the town, asked him to justify his vote, thus seeming to confuse sailing boats and motor boats.

On the video recording of the session, we can then hear the latter retort that it is a sailing club. “We are more or less on the same level of controversy as the aviators”, retorts the elected UDI, referring to the words of the environmentalist mayor of Poitiers, Léonore Moncond’huy, who declared at the end of March that “the aerial (…) should no longer be part of children’s dreams”.

Lhe city’s second elected EELV, Muriel Hauchemaille, then came to the rescue of his colleague. “The false trials are starting to heat my bile! (…) If we abstain for the subsidy, it is because we find that the Yacht Club de Vincennes, apart from on Lake Daumesnil, apart from to favor a small club of friends … That’s why we will not vote for this subsidy, we will not be explained on each vote if? “, she says, adding that she finds “a little stupid” the principle of a sailing club in the town.

The city council’s mistake was noticed on Twitter, where several elected officials laughed at his justification. “We must recognize that the Greens of France have a common characteristic. Always next to their pumps”, thus launched Karl Olive, various right-wing mayor of Poissy (Yvelines). “The ecologists are to politics what the Charlots are to the cinema”, for his part estimated Robert Ménard, the mayor of Béziers (Hérault) close to the National Rally.

Quentin Bernier-Gravat apologized on Thursday on Twitter. “Always
EELV is for video capture of municipal councils. In the name of transparency. And ok, sometimes we regret “, wrote the chosen one, adding: “I had worked on my partial, a little less my files, mea culpa.”

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