Violence on a black producer: four police officers indicted

Four police officers were indicted in the “case” Michel Zecler, this black producer violently beaten in Paris, and two of them were remanded in custody on the night of Sunday to Monday, November 30. The investigation was entrusted to an examining magistrate.

The two officials placed in detention were the first to intervene in the studio in the 17th arrondissement of Paris on November 21. They are suspected of having dealt many blows to the producer, as seen in the first video released Thursday, November 26 by Loopsider. The prosecutor explained that he had requested their detention “ in consideration of the exceptional and persistent disturbance of public order, the gravity of the offense, the extent of the damage caused, and to avoid any risk of consultation between the perpetrators ”.

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Among these four police officers indicted by an examining magistrate, three were indicted for “Willful violence by a person holding public authority (PDAP)” and “Forgery in public writing”, in accordance with the requisitions of the Paris prosecutor’s office announced by the public prosecutor Rémy Heitz on Sunday afternoon.

The prosecution had requested pre-trial detention for the first three and a judicial review for the fourth, but the liberty and detention judge imprisoned two, the brigadier and the peacekeeper, and left two others under judicial control.

” The panic “

They are accused of having lied in the report they drew up at the end of the intervention, some points of which are inconsistent with the images broadcast by Loopsider. The police had claimed to have been “ attracted by force »Inside the room by Michel Zecler. ” Heard on several occasions “ during their custody at the IGPN, between Friday 27 afternoon and Sunday 29 in the morning, they “Admitted having struck blows, explaining this by the attitude of (Mr. Zecler) and the circumstances of the arrest” in a cramped room. The police also spoke of a “Inability to control struggling Mr. Zecler” and explained “The blows by the panic that had seized them”, according to Rémy Heitz.

During the arrest, the producer was also said to have been ‘ dirty nigger “, According to his statements, corroborated by one of the nine young people present in the studio at the time of the facts. The surveillance cameras, from which the images broadcast Thursday came, did not record the sound. These accusations of racism were contested by the police, who initially refuted the falsehood of their report, according to prosecutor Rémy Heitz.

The fourth policeman is a 44-year-old brigadier. Indicted for ” willful violence of persons holding public authority “And” damage to property », He is accused of having thrown a tear gas canister inside the room in which the producer had entrenched himself. He was placed under judicial supervision with a ban from performing his duties.


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