Virus making copies in the throat, this is the main reason for the rapid spread of Omicron

Omicron Fast Spreading: You know very well that Omicron is spreading much faster than any other variant of Corona. Even the scientists themselves are surprised to see the speed of its spread. As always, WHO is constantly sharing guidelines and new information regarding this variant of Corona.

  • Recently, WHO technical head Maria van Kerkhove gave information on why Omicron is spreading at such a high speed. The first and main reason for this, Maria told that the mutations in the new corona virus Omicron are helping it to easily connect with the cells of the human body.

You will remember that when Kovid-19 started, a lot was said at that time that the virus is rapidly damaging the cells in an attempt to connect with the human cells. Although Omicron is such a developed virus that it is easily pairing with the cells of the body.

  • Maria gave another reason that this virus is being successful in brightening the immune system. This is the reason that people who have had an infection before, it is also making them their victims. Also, people who have taken both the doses of the vaccine are also not able to escape from its grip.
  • The third reason is that Omicron is affecting the upper respiratory tract and is replicating here. That is, this virus is making other viruses like itself (its copies) by taking control of the upper respiratory system. This is also a major reason for the spread of this virus. Whereas other viruses of the corona replicate in the lower respiratory tract or lungs.

That’s why it is important to avoid Gathering

If we look at all these three symptoms of Omicron, then it becomes clear that more interaction, exposure to more people and spending more time outside the house can prove to be harmful. This is the reason why health experts are constantly appealing to people to stay at home. Also advising to avoid parties.

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