Vitamin C: Include these fruits and vegetables in your daily diet, immunity will be better

Vitamin C Rich Fruits and Vegetables: Vitamins and minerals are required for the body to function properly. Let us tell you that vitamin C is very beneficial for your immunity to skin. The antioxidant found in it helps in strengthening the immunity of the skin. Along with this, it also helps to overcome the problem of cold to cough. Let us tell you that it is very important for us to take only the amount of Vitamin C in our daily diet. So let’s know about those fruits and vegetables which are a very good source of Vitamin C. That’s Fruits and Vegetables-

eat lemon
Lemon is considered very beneficial for the body. Including it in the diet improves your immunity. You can make lemon drink to use it. Along with this, you can also eat it by mixing it on top of vegetables and lentils.

eat spinach
Let us tell you that a large amount of vitamin C is found in spinach. Many diseases are cured by the use of its juice. You can also use it by mixing it in lentils. Apart from this, people eat its greens with great fervor.

eat pineapple
Let us tell you that there are many enzymes found in pineapple which have anti-inflammatory properties in large quantities. Along with this, 24 to 25 mg of vitamin is found in a cup of pineapple. It helps in boosting immunity and also keeps heart diseases away.

eat orange
Let us tell you that a large amount of vitamins are found in oranges. People like to consume its juice in the summer season. It helps in boosting immunity and is also very beneficial for skin and hair.

eat kiwi
Kiwi is considered very beneficial for health. Consuming it regularly strengthens your immunity. It also helps in making the skin and hair healthy and glowing. You can easily buy it from any fruit shop.

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