Wandering music director for oxygen cylinders Nightingale, moist eyes

The second wave of Corona infection (Covid-19 Crisis) is spreading very fast in the country. From every mango to the special, they are constantly getting infected. Alam is that neither beds nor oxygen cylinders are available in hospitals. The lack of corona vaccine has also come to the fore and the general public is distressed due to all the government efforts. In such a situation, the famous music director of the South Indian film industry, Sadhu Kokila, has also expressed his pain. Sadhu had reached the muhurat of the film ‘Lagam’, where his pain was relieved. Tears welled up and he told that his nephew is Kovid-19 positive, but had to wander rate-by-step to the Oxygen Cylinder.

The elder brother’s son is Kovid-19 positive.
The son of the music director of Kannada films and the elder brother of the comedian monk Kokila is infected. The level of oxygen in his body is decreasing. According to media reports, the sadhus are even more upset about the extent to which the common people are facing problems when they are struggling so much for treatment. Expressing his concern, the sadhu had tears in his eyes and wept. The sadhu said, “It is understood that why you are not a celebrity, celeb status is of no use in the current situation.”

‘It was a frightening experience for me’
According to the reports, the monk said, ‘Despite being a celebrity, I had to wander from one place to another for a single cylinder oxygen. My brother’s son has a corona. This experience has been frightening for me. I would like to say that do not take this disease lightly. ‘

‘Things are bad all around’
The sadhu further said, ‘There are also reports in the media that there is a shortage of beds in the hospital. Oxygen cylinders are not available. There is also a shortage of medicines. Cases of infection are also increasing and deaths from corona are also increasing. There are bad conditions all around.

Sadhu Nightingale spills at the time of ‘lagam’
Sadhu Kokila had reached the muhurat of his film ‘Lagam’. When the media questioned him about the corona infection, his pain was relieved. Sadhu was last seen in the film ‘Drona’. In this he was with Shiva Rajkumar. Whereas his last film as a music director was ‘Masti Gudi’.


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