War in Ukraine Day 30: 300 feared dead in Mariupol theater, Joe Biden on Ukrainian border

On the 30th day of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Friday March 25, the situation in Mariupol is further deteriorating. According to a first assessment, Ukrainian local authorities, the strike on the theater could have killed around 300 people. The Russians are said to have moved 15,000 inhabitants to their territory. Joe Biden will be at the Polish-Ukrainian border during the day.

► Heavy toll in Mariupol

The Russian strike on the Mariupol theater on Wednesday March 16 could have killed around 300 people, the city’s town hall announced on Friday, citing witnesses. The building, which served as bomb shelters for many civilians, had been largely destroyed, but the fate of those who had taken refuge there remained uncertain for a long time.

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Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov claimed that his paramilitary militia, which fights alongside the Russian army, had taken over the town hall of Mariopol. However, he then posted a video where it is only an official building on the outskirts of this large southeastern city, which has been under siege for days. The Ukrainian army ensures for its part that Mariupol has not yet fallen.

Ukrainians also denounce the deportation “en masse” of inhabitants to Russia. Mariupol Mayor Vadim Boychenko claimed 15,000 residents were taken away “by force” on board the bus. He mentioned “the confiscation of Ukrainian passports” residents stuck in place.

► Ukraine claims to repel the Russians around kyiv

The offensive continues elsewhere in the country, after deadly strikes on Thursday in Kharkiv, the country’s second city, and in Longansk, and accusations of phosphorus bombs in Roubijné. “Our soldiers hold the city of Cherniguiv and hinder the advance of the enemy in the direction of kyiv. We continue to repel the enemy offensive on kyiv”says the last bulletin of the staff of the Ukrainian army, published this Friday at dawn.

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In a month of war, thousands of Ukrainians have been killed, including 121 children. Some 6.5 million people had to leave their homes, of which more than 4,300 were destroyed, according to a latest report by President Volodymyr Zelensky.

► Joe Biden a few kilometers from Ukraine

US President Joe Biden is visiting Poland this Friday, in a town near the Ukrainian border. A way of being on the front line of the Western commitment against the invasion launched by Moscow, which looks more and more like a war of attrition. He will meet American soldiers stationed in this region, while more than 100,000 American soldiers are currently present in Europe.

Joe Biden promised, Thursday in Brussels, for the first time, a ” response “ of NATO in the conflict in Ukraine if Russia resorted to chemical weapons.


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