War in Ukraine: “I still hope that in a week it will be over and that the Ukrainians will win”, confides a resident of Kharkiv

When Nataliia woke up this Sunday morning, there were “Russian troops in Karkhiv, Russian tanks”. Kharkiv is the second largest city in the country, located in the east near the Russian border.

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“I still hope that in a week it will be over and the Ukrainians will win”confides to franceinfo Nataliia, 23, cloistered in her apartment in Kharkiv with her boyfriend on Sunday morning February 27, while fighting is underway in the second city of Ukraine between Russian soldiers and Ukrainian fighters.

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“At 1 a.m., there were loud noises of missiles, then the night calmed down, and it started again around 6 a.m. And even now, I hear it”testifies the Ukrainian who is now sleeping in her bathroom, where there is no window, to be safe.

She has not been able to leave her home since Saturday February 26, and this Sunday, when she woke up, there was “Russian troops in Karkhiv, Russian tanks” corn “to what we [lui a] says, half of Russian soldiers are killed by Ukrainian fighters”.

“Sometimes I feel like I’m in a movie”she says, because the noises of missiles, the shootings, the Russian vehicles on fire and even the cyber-attacks of the collective Anonymous against Russia, she did not see that “only in the movies”. “I try to stay calm but sometimes I cry because I’m overwhelmed by my emotions”she says again.

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