War in Ukraine: the conflict seen by one of the most popular Russian TV shows


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It is an inverted mirror, a revised history that is written every day, with experts deciphering the image of a Russian army coming to save populations who were waiting for it. The presence, Saturday, March 26, of Joe Biden in Poland only accentuated the anti-Western discourse. Decryption of one of the most popular talk shows in Russia.

It is one of the main talk shows in Russia, its name: “60 minutes”. With a neat decor, the very popular program is broadcast twice a day on state television. AT the head of the show, a couple. The presenter is on the list of personalities under sanction. The two animators are reputed to be close to Vladimir Putin. In the crosshairs of the guests that evening, the visit of the American president to Poland. “Look when he eats that piece of pizza, it really is a symbol of the decadence of the West”we hear.

Then the show shows Joe Biden’s response to a Russian reporter: “We have to show our intentions on sanctions. The main thing for us is to stay united”. “Do you understand what he is saying?”, we react on the set of the Russian program. Smile among the guests. Then comes the highlight of the show “60 minutes”, the point on the forehead. A soldier presents only the positions bombarded by the Ukrainians. A map of the advance of Russian troops in Ukraine regularly punctuates the show. The political scientist who comments takes almost word for word the arguments of Vladimir Putin to justify “the special operation”.

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