War in Ukraine: “We are under the protection of the GIGN”, announces the French ambassador to Ukraine

Etienne de Poncins, French Ambassador to Ukraine, indicated that he had “identified 700 French people who are in Ukraine, the majority in Kiev” and recommends that they “stay at home as far as possible”.

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“We are under the protection of the GIGN”said Friday February 25 on franceinfo Etienne de Poncins, ambassador of France in Ukraine, the day after the invasion of Ukraine by Russia, and the beginning of the bombardments on the capital Kiev. “We have identified 700 French people who are in Ukraine, the majority in Kiev”added the ambassador.

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“At this point, the instructions are to keep working”adds the ambassador, who says “prepare for all eventualities” concerning a relocation of the embassy to an area more spared from the fighting.

Etienne de Poncins recommends that the French “stay at home as much as possible” and of “do not embark on the roads with the security danger that may arise.” The ambassador explains that since Friday, February 25 in the morning “the Belgian colleagues who came to us to take shelter.”

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