Watch this video before the use of mustard oil, you will get information about being genuine and fake

Mustard oil is a common ingredient in Indian kitchens. Oil is used in many types of dishes. But how do you check that the oil used is pure?

Share video on Twitter will give information about pure oil

The Government of India has shared an easy trick to check. You can find out whether your mustard oil has been mixed with Arjimon oil or not. Arjimon oil is extracted from Arjimon seed. The report showed that Arjimon oil is used to increase the quantity of mustard oil.

According to research, eating fake oil in humans can cause death of red blood cells and cause oxidative stress. Damage to the body is caused by the toxicity caused by Arjimon oil.

How to find the real-fake oil

The Indian government has explained through a video post on Twitter to check adulteration. According to the video surfaced on social media, “Take 5 ml quantity of mustard oil and put it in the test tube. Now add 5 ml of nitric acid to it. Shake the tube gently. If there is no adulteration, there will be no change in color. In case of adulteration, the color of mustard oil will change from orange-yellow to red.

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