Ways to reduce the damage of alcohol

Twelve experts submitted a report on the strategy to be followed in France to limit the impact on health.

Tax, regulate advertising but also identify high-risk uses, inform and treat without demonizing … As long as the State makes it a priority, strategies for reducing alcohol consumption are varied and effective, according to a collective expertise provided public Friday by Inserm. The Research Institute entrusted 12 experts with the task of compiling all of the scientific literature on the subject (3,500 documents), and formulating a series of recommendations intended for health authorities.

After three years of work, researchers and clinicians have produced a document of more than 700 pages demonstrating, once again, the damage caused by alcohol in France: 43 million consumers including 30% at one-time or chronic risk, 41,000 deaths and 118 billion euros in annual expenditure (estimate in 2010). The French drink an average of 27 grams of pure alcohol per day, which still represents three small glasses. On average, because those under 35 and

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