We are all Mr. Jourdain of manipulation

CHRONICLE –In The art of influence and manipulation on a daily basis, Nicolas Guéguen reveals the techniques to influence the choices of others.

Did you know that putting on a perfume increases your chances of getting help from a passerby? That wearing your best costume drastically limits the risk of being reported for shoplifting? That with a bouquet of flowers in your hand, you will be more easily hitchhiked? “Everyday life is made up of these many small occasions where the art of influence and that of manipulation are at work”, launches Nicolas Guéguen. Researcher in behavioral sciences and professor at the University of Bretagne-Sud, the doctor in psychology knows it well: he has been analyzing our behavior and what motivates them for years. And it does not take long to convince us of this: “There are, as for painting or music, techniques” to better influence the choices of others, and “We often practice them unconsciously”.

So you might as well know these techniques, in order to use them better… or to outsmart them. Especially since “In this new world of networks and the Internet where we are constantly leaving

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